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La Touche campsite, at Adele and Tanguy’s

To all the walkers of small and large paths, stop at the campsite of la Touche! This is not a tip but an order. Here it is very good to live. And for good reason! Adele and Tanguy welcome you to this little corner of paradise with an overflowing kindness.

Located in the Orne not far from the small city of character Domfront-en-Poiraie, along the “Véloscénie” bike road , this campsite will surely seduce you. You will have the choice to establish your quarters for a day or for life in a tent, a caravan, a Tiny house or, the luxury option, in a yurt imported directly from Mongolia. Impersonate the great Gengis for one night and taste the forgotten pleasures of Kipchak’s Khanate. At dusk, under a sparkling celestial vault, the hooting of the owls will accompany you at the head of the Golden Horde in your conquest of the infinite steppe.

If you wish, in the morning a breakfast consisting exclusively of fresh and organic products will be served: homemade bread, local apple or pear juice, eggs, pancakes, etc. You will also be able to cook your own meals with access to a small equipped kitchen.

Rested and repelled, you will get lost in the beautiful Andaines forest where mushrooms, korrigans and wisps swarm. Usually these last two appear when you consume the first.

In addition, Adele and Tanguy produce their own flour with their own wheat.

Take the opportunity to get drunk with pear cider or taste the local beer La lie, all these products are sold at the campsite which is very convenient, no valid excuse not to join Bacchus and its bacchantes for an evening!

Domfront-en-Poiraie is also worth a visit. You can visit the remains of the medieval city, get lost in the dungeon’s oblivion, cross swords with headless knights and in these troubled times turn your leper rattle. Taste the thai curry at the “Bar Normand”. The owner’s wife, fro Thailand, is the chef so there is no need to talk about the quality of the meal. Visit the Musée du Poiré to learn more about all these great hundred-year-old pear trees, visit the Champ Secret farm to learn more about the delicious camembert, visit this beautiful little corner of France dotted with supplies and tadpole trees, visit this welcoming land where the bocage is preserved with love and devotion by its inhabitants!

And finally, cherry on the cake, if your stay in this haven of peace on a Sunday night, you may have the chance, the privilege!, to go to a private concert.

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