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Knights of the Round Yurt

The four adventurers have been living at La Touche farm for over a month in the heart of the Domfront countryside, where life is sweet.

La Touche is in itself a small island, a small town where neighbors visit each other, help each other, trade and enter in bloody confrontations at table soccer, scoppa or Catan. Brutus and Amour are enjoyingd delicious hay between a few walks in the forest.

Because of the second lockdown, our journey was once again subject to a stop. But all in all, this is quite natural: the break is also part of the music. We took the opportunity to do some woofing on the farm. (Woofing: cheap way of travel: you are fed and housed free of charge against small tasks within an organic farm) It’s all good, we get our heads, pupils and mouths full by helping on daily tasks.

On the farm side: bring the cowns from one field to another, identify the calfs , feed them with some hay, preserve the Norman bocage, cut the hedges, clear the bushes, remove ivy, cover the vegetable garden with straw, and sow!

On the mill side: retrofit the flour workshop, clean the silo, fill the silo with new wheat, prepare flour bags for the bagging.

During our free time, we are lucky to be able to pick delicious mushrooms that we have even been able to sell at the market to pay for the new horseshoes.

What will we remember from this experience?

First of all, the kindness, generosity, joy of life and patience of Adèle and Tanguy who are constantly teaching us new things about their way of life and about organic farming. Their way of living and seeing the world based on sharing and mutual aid is more than inspiring!

The importance of eating organic and local food: organic is not just for hippies! Here a little reminder on its principles:

Organic farming was born out of a multitude of initiatives by agronomists, doctors, farmers and consumers who, in the 1920s, generated new currents of thought based on ethical and ecological principles, and initiated an alternative mode of agricultural production.

The agricultural production method is natural and does not use any synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides, chemical herbicides, artificial fertilizers or growth hormones, nor GMOs. It is part of a global vision of sustainable development while respecting the environment, biodiversity and animal well-being. Organic uses recycled natural organic materials and the principle of crop rotation.

Eating local means finding a link to time, seasons, flavors, and limiting food additives, dyes and other elements such as palm oil as much as possible!

We have tasted the local products for you and we recommend that you come and taste them immediately : the delicious flour from La Touche farm (in pancakes, ravioli, spaghetti, bread or pizzas), the amazing Entrammes cheese, Cécile’s apple juice (La ferme de Beau Soleil) and of course the Domfront pear cider. In short, you will understand, we had a great time!

This Monday, November 30, we decided to hit the road again, to leave this bocage. It is not without sadness that we will say goodbye to our Norman companions to discover new shores! Thanks again!

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