Travel notebook

Joining the “Normandie-Niémen” forces

It was with heavy hearts that we left the paradise of La Touche to hit the road again on Monday November 30th. After doing a little bit of the way with our friends Adèle and Tanguy, we resumed our crossing, Cape Orne, with fewer waves and less reefs.

A big step in the Andaines forest, passing through the rock with the dog, the oak of King Arthur then the beech of the Virgin, allows us to stop over the moon: at Michel the pilot’s place alias “Kosovo-Cri-cri “. Indeed, he is the owner of a self-built “Cri cri” (type of airplane); not less than 6 years and 4500 working hours; the smallest plane in the world (71 kg); he even says he’s miraculously still alive because out of 120 owners of this type of plane, on average 30 die.

We rest in this charming place near the stove after tasting his delicious elderberry alcohol as well as his homemade cider. A real joy ! The junction of the airborne forces and the cavalry has been made, the Visigoths should better watch out.

The first day of December unfolded deliciously, under a blue sky in the colors of autumn. We are welcomed in Mayenne by Thierry and Maryvonne, alias “les Bichettes”, chicken breeders with the Duc de Mayenne label. With the added bonus of a visit of a goat cheese farm, former supplier of the Élysée.

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