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Michel Chevalier’s guesthouse “Bagnoles Air Club”

At the edge of the “forêt d’Andaines” find the locality called “les petites bruyères”, and stop for the night or for life at the BAGNOLES AIR CLUB, Michel Chevalier’s little cottage. He will welcome you as a true gentleman after a long day hiking.

Located in the middle of the countryside next to the airfield of Bagnoles-de-l’Orne, Michel’s charming little cotttage offers a fully equipped kitchen, a charming living room with its stove and a room with many cozy beds. You will be able to park any type of transport, from the horse to the big van.

Ideal for all hikers thanks to its proximity to the GR22, the Véloscénie, the Mont Saint Michel road, the way to Saint Jacques de Compostelle, and many hiking tours!

The icing on the cake, this knight of the sky, aka “Kosovo-Cri Cri”, will tell you passionately, over a glass of cider, his adventures above the clouds lived aboard his selfmade plane.

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