In each of us a child resides.

The Little Hunchbacked Horse, a popular Russian tale, tells the adventures of Ivan the Simpleton and his faithful companion, a little horse homely with appearance but with an incomparable kindness of heart.

This story begins with the release of a fiery maned mare by Ivan. As a reward, she gives him three foals. The third hunchbacked becomes his best friend. Here are the adventures.

As for his two magnificient brothers, the story does not tell us all… Departing for Russia, their riders will be guided by the little hunchbacked horse in the air. Here are the portraits.


Of Russian origin, Grégoire has always been strongly attracted by Russia. This attraction was brought to life through various personal experiences – scouting, the restoration of the monastery on the Solovki Islands, etc. – and professional experiences.

After obtaining the bar exam, Grégoire undertook and international contract in Turkmenistan, the garden of Eden for the magnificent and graceful akhal-tekes horses with metallic reflections in their coat.

Passionate about horseriding, Grégoire was able to ride every day in the Karakum desert. Today, he wants to continue the adventure accross Europe.


With a Breton mother and an Irish father, Kathleen grew up in Fréhel surrounded by horses, donkeys and korrigans. First on a horse at the age of 8, this young woman of celtic blood finished a master degree in international trade which, like all roads, led her to Moscow.

Passionate about Russia, Kathleen was able to live and work there for nearly 3 years, until the end of her contract.

As soon as she returned to France, without losing a minute, she took the road back to Russia on horseback.

Amoer – KWPN born in 2005 in Holland, 1 m 66 at the withers – and Brutus – foreign saddle born in 2003 in Hungary, 1 m 65 at the withers – are former team horses.

After years of loyal services as illustrated, Amoer and Brutus became our new traveling companions.


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