Knights of the Round Yurt

The four adventurers have been living at La Touche farm for over a month in the heart of the Domfront countryside, where life is sweet. La Touche is in itself a small island, a small town where neighbors visit each other, help each other, trade and enter in bloody confrontations at table soccer, scoppa or …

Billions of blue, blistering barnacles!

Here we are still nailed to the ground! Grumbl, grumbl. So, between our researches for a saddle, in order to keep it up, we enjoy ourselves. We gallop without saddles in the green fields – mainly cabbage – to the delight of the two pigs living with us. Being still in Armorica with the irreducible …

Mornings like no other

Today, Sunday 07:30, the third day, enchanted awakening, wet with dew, in a field lent by its owner where a blue cow sits to make the curious speak. If yesterday morning we had been offered the homemade calva for breakfast by Sylvie and Michel this morning it is delicious apples – which have not had …

Equipment, board & lodging

And yes, a trip on horseback cannot be improvised. After several months of preparation, we are finally ready! To maintain our freedom on the way and at our drop-off points, we have chosen equipment that guarantees our autonomy. Here is the list: BRUTUS & AMOER Photocopy of the owners’ cards; Photocopy of FFE licenses with …

Ouest-France, published on the 14/09/2020

Frehel. A journey on horseback for the benefit of Russian orphans Un jeune couple a pris une année sabbatique afin de réaliser un vieux rêve : rejoindre la Russie à cheval. Il a quitté Fréhel (Côtes-d’Armor), vendredi 11 septembre 2020, pour parcourir environ 6 000 kilomètres à travers huit pays. Kathleen Martin, 28 ans, domiciliée …

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